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Life Edited Apartment

This is probably the best designed small apartment I’ve ever seen.

Via Huckberry.


Jerry Seinfeld on writing jokes

The article this is based around on Seinfeld is pretty fantastic.

Doing Instagram Right

Great video, great guide.

Darkside of the Lens

Awesome mini-doc by photographer Mickey Smith

Make It Count

Oh wow, this is freaking awesome. What I would give for a big chunk of cash and no limitations to travel for 10 days…

That said, it’s almost hard to believe that these guys traveled as far as they did in 10 days. I mean, a significant portion of that must have been solely on airplanes and they shot a lot of different scenes in the video. Which is just to say that it’s a cool trip, but not necessarily how I would travel for 10 days.

Fresh Guacamole

I love this.

Driving across Mongolia

I really love this video. It’s incredibly well done, as it shares the experience of driving across Mongolia from within a small car. But more, I love the feel of travel that it conveys, with periods of barrenness interrupted by incredibly interesting interactions or shifts in scenery. Partly it makes me really want to drive across Mongolia, spending the nights camping by the road side. Partly it makes me think that it’s not worth the trouble, given how flat and barren and unforgiving it is. But there’s no doubt that it would be an adventure…