Monthly Archives: August 2012

Changing things up

One of the things that I know about my body is that it responds well to frequent changes in workouts and doing things I’ve never done before. Sadly I also know that tend to get into workout habits which leads to diminished results. To help me change things up, I’ll often just search around the internet for crossfit-type workouts. I don’t really do crossfit, but find that periodically mixing in workouts that come from crossfit works well for me.

The other day I stumbled upon The WOD Shop, which looks like it will be a regular resource for me. It randomly displays Workouts of the Day (WOD) for users. I played around a bit and found two that looked like they’d fit well in combination.

Part I

3 Rounds, 22 – 16 – 10x reps

Kettlebell Front Squat (2x 36#)
Bent Row (2x 36#)

Part II

Every Minute On The Minute (until failure)

Kettlebell Snatch

For Every Minute On The Minute exercises, you start with a certain number of reps. It could be one, I did four to start. You have one minute to complete that many reps, adding one each round. If you fail to get it done in time, sit it out for a round, then try again and keep going until you fail.