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Sample GORUCK Challenge training workout

One of the first things I thought to myself after registering for the GORUCK Challenge was, “How the hell am I going to train for this?” Given that every Challenge is different, it’s hard to be fully prepared for it. The best you can do is be ready. I knew that it would cover a long distance (15-20 miles or more), it would be done with 40-50 pounds on my back the whole time, and there would be some long stretch of time carrying a really heavy log. In my training, I sought to emphasize leg strength, comfort with a weighted ruck, and endurance for traveling long distances.

In terms of building up comfort under the ruck, nothing replaces doing ruck runs and working out with a weighted ruck. Build up your distance on ruck runs. One way to do that is to run as far as you can under a ruck, then turn around and walk back to your starting point. This will push your distance in a big way – effectively doubling it. You’ll also spend a lot more time working under a weighted ruck, which is invaluable for building your endurance.

I never did the same workout twice, but wanted to post at least one sample workout which heavily emphasizes legs, but through dynamic motions which work your core and especially build shoulder strength (which is needed for rucking under weight and lifting logs).

50 x Thrusters
50 x Deadlift kettle bell swings
50 x Wall ball
50 x Medicine ball slam
50 x Air squats
50 x Burpees

Do this workout as fast as possible, but with heavy enough weight that you can’t do more than 25 reps in each motion before needing to break, so each weighted motion is probably getting 2-3 sets. You can also do all of these motions with a weighted ruck (other than the Burpees).

This is just one example of a workout framework that helped build the sort of strength that I found to be most important in training for a GORUCK Challenge. It’s not exhaustive, more like a snapshot of things you can be doing to prepare for a GORUCK Challenge.