“10 Years of Packing Light”

Uri Fridman of Pack Light. Go Fast. reflects on 10 years of packing light.

In the beginning it was hard. I was still in the “what if…” mindset. I would pack extra shirts or bring every toiletry I owned; and while experience plays a huge role in learning to pack light, the mindset is also very important: you have to tell yourself that you’ll be fine if you don’t bring that extra pair of shoes or that extra hat just in case it is cold.

I started experimenting with washing things at hotels, with bringing clothes that can be worn during business meetings and that would also be comfortable enough to wear after that. I began making lists of things that worked and things that didn’t. However the most important thing I began doing was to learn from the previous trip, just like I did in the military.

I applied the same focused effort I applied so many times when I was preparing my gear to climb or to go on a patrol, only this time I was focusing on how light I could go the next trip while still being able to perform properly.

It took a lot of trying, correcting, trying again and yes, sometimes I had to run in the middle of the trip to get that item that I needed and I didn’t bring. It was all part of the fun. That’s how I saw it, a fun thing to try and in doing so it made my trips better, simpler and I began enjoying the business trips as well, since I wasn’t being weighted down by a carry on, a main suitcase, the suit bag, the computer bag… I was traveling now with one bag, big enough for all the things I needed, but small enough that could be used as a carry-on.


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