Mud Dog Run & the GORUCK Radio Ruck

I’ll be doing the Mud Dog Run this weekend. It’s sponsored in part by Flying Dog Brewery. Here’s the description:

The Mud Dog Run is a fun, high intensity, obstacle course run around one of Frederick, Maryland’s most beautiful farms. Starting at Crumland Farms, the Mud Dog Run will encompass 5 Kilometers of very tough terrain. The course will contain obstacles such as, climbing walls, cargo nets, mud pits, and featuring Crumland Farms 2011 corn maze (do not get lost!). This race is not for the faint of heart. If you like a challenge and some food topped off with Flying Dog beer at the finish, then the Mud Dog Run is just your type of race.

I’ve recently started working out religiously. I’m trying to get in shape for my wedding this coming spring. I was in pretty phenomenal shape in college and have watched that slowly disappear as I’ve spent years sitting at a desk like a lazy slug. It’s not been a fun process and it feels great to start shedding the pounds through some challenging workouts.

While I’m trying to get in shape, I also am holding onto the goal that in the future (hopefully before, but if not, after the wedding) I will do a GORUCK Challenge, a hardcore physical challenge put on by GORUCK, builders of some completely bomber military-style backpacks. I have a long way to go get to the point where I can handle their event, which often stretches over more than 20 miles and 10 hours. I’ve never been interested in running a marathon, but the GORUCK Challenge strikes a chord in me. I want to be able to do this, to meet the challenge. I’m viewing the Mud Dog Run as a miniature trial in my training, though the specifics have little in common to the GORUCK Challenge other than both being rough and tumble outdoor physical events.

Though GORUCK is based in Montana, the GORUCK Challenge has an office in DC. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to lend me a Radio Ruck for me to use this weekend at the Mud Dog Run. Their packs are built to take a beating and I’m sure this one will have some fun in the mud in Maryland.

Stay tuned for an after-action report on both the Mud Dog Run and how the Radio Ruck serves me this weekend…


One thought on “Mud Dog Run & the GORUCK Radio Ruck

  1. […] this past Saturday in Frederick, Maryland, I want to talk a bit about the GORUCK Radio Ruck. I was loaned bag by the fine folks at GORUCK, so I had a couple days to test it out as my every day bag, prior […]

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