Busy elsewhere…

I’ve been slow to write here of late, largely because of a job change and a lot more blogging at other sites – both of my own and other hosts. I’m now writing on the main page of AMERICAblog, which is pretty great. I’ve been reading AMERICAblog for at least six years and it’s pretty cool to have regular posting privileges at an A-list liberal blog. I’ve been blogging on politics since 2004 and this is my biggest regular platform yet. Definitely stop by and see what I’m up to over there.

All that said, I am long overdue for a bunch of bag reviews. I’ve been using the MEI Executive Overnighter, Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer and Tom Bihn Tri-Star for a number of months now and have plenty to say about each bag. I also should probably do a review of the GoLite Jam2.

The point is, even if I’m busy with my other writing projects and professional life, this blog represents a good piece of what I’m interested in when I’m not focused on those other endeavors, so I like to keep it updated. When I don’t do that, I feel like I’m neglecting a part of myself.


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