Mad Fast Trains

I’m a big Mad Men fan and I like high speed rail, so I suppose I’m the target demographic for this PSA featuring Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommern as their Mad Men characters. The ad is connected to an effort by PIRG,, which kicks over to a letter writing tool so supporters of high speed rail can contact their senators. Oh and you get a bumper sticker for doing it.

It’s unfortunate that so many Republican governors have rejected funding to build high speed rail around the US (Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Florida’s Rick Scott, and Ohio’s John Kasich all recently turned down hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funding for rail construction). Rail travel is both economical and frankly a lot more enjoyable, especially when traveling only a few hundred miles, than air travel or driving. I don’t like that when I go to Europe or Asia, I can have a markedly better experience traveling by rail than I do in the US. We’re a big country. We do big things. There’s no reason high speed rail shouldn’t be one of them.


One thought on “Mad Fast Trains

  1. […] is the largest economy the world but still is without a true high speed rail. Bloggerhamlin in his post yesterday comments on how much better high speed rail travel is while traveling in Europe and Asia. […]

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