Gear Diary’s NB4C

Dan Cohen & Larry Greenberg of Gear Diary are doing a No Baggage Challenge for Charity sponsored by Scottevest. They are both bringing a heck of a lot more electronics with them than I did, so their packing methods are definitely useful to watch.

Quite simply, the more stuff you must bring with you, the harder it is to travel with no bags. Every decision involves consequences. But if you’re willing to be more bulky when fully loaded, you’ll be able to have more of what you want. The flip side is that you have to carry it on your person, so the volume at stuff which may be easy in a small day pack runs the risk of becoming inconvenient (or least un-stylish) when worn entirely on your person. Rolf Potts definitely found a sweet spot on his trip, but it helped that he had a videographer doing the filming and editing for him.

Go below the fold to see Dan and Larry’s packing videos, which are orders of magnitude better done than my janky one.


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