Delta Ups the Ante Versus Scottevest

This is just nuts. Delta has started a new round of intimidation tactics against Scottevest, sending a cease-and-desist letter and threatening a lawsuit because the clothing company was hosting a contest on its site where the prize was…wait for it…a free flight on Delta in the United States.

Scottevest clearly didn’t intend to pick a fight with Delta – the prize was pretty clearly an effort to show the company wanted to move past its Delta magazine ad war with them. After all, Scottevest was going to spend money to send people on Delta flights. This was hardly an act of corporate warfare on Scottevest’s part. CEO Scott Jordan responded to the Delta cease-and-desist letter (from a moving car):

Scottevest has done the sensible thing and side-stepped the Delta attack by changing the prize for the Carry-On Coat Contest and clarifying that Delta isn’t associated with it:

Please note that the prize is now a US domestic flight on any airline that works with the Amex points system, not just Delta… and that no endorsement, ownership or association is implied or to be inferred between SCOTTEVEST, the Carry-on Contest and any airlines or trademark holders mentioned.

Here’s a thought. Delta is once again picking a fight with Scottevest. As the threatening letter says, Delta is a massive corporation with “28 billion dollars in annual revenue.” Scottevest is a small business. Those of us who work in politics professionally know that you never punch down, it makes you look small and it makes your opponent look bigger than they are. Well, Delta clearly doesn’t know this. Delta is punching down. Again. Delta really should knock this off.


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