Rolf Potts Completes His RTW Trip

Rolf Potts has completed his round-the-world with no baggage challenge. It’s been pretty remarkable trip to watch unfold and it definitely makes me want to travel around the world and try to travel with no baggage.

I’ll have the opportunity to do what I think will be an ultra-light trip to Japan next month. I’d love to go with no bags, but am not sure I’m ready to that sort of extreme travel. More importantly, I’m traveling with my girlfriend and my family and it makes me feel obliged to bring a bit more in the way of clothes. It’s also a somewhat more formal trip which will require more than tshirts, so there’s that wrinkle too. But the more I think about it, the more I think I can do it ultra light and easy. I’ll be sure to write more about it as I plan it out.

Watch Rolf’s end of trip report here


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