Reading List

Right now I’m reading two books by travel author Rolf Potts, Vagabonding and Marco Polo Didn’t Go There. The former I’m reading on the Kindle for iPad, iPhone and Mac and the latter I’m reading on my iPad through the iTunes Library. Vagabonding is something of a bible for, well, vagabonds and minimalists who love to travel. So far it is fantastic. Marco Polo is excellent as well – featuring pieces Potts has written on his travels in the past.

I’m also reading Cocktail Techniques by Japanese bartending master Kazuo Uyeda. I’m very slowly getting into Before the Storm by Rick Perlstein. I really stress the slowly part here. I’ve been a bit discouraged to lug it with me on recent trips, as it’s about 700 pages long. There is a Kindle version – something which would have been useful for me to know before I bought the paperback book. But since I just got into using the Kindle app, I can’t really blame anyone other than myself for this one…


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